Does anyone have the SIGNATURE STRIPE DEMI (pics?)

  1. Hello everyone. I've been in the market for a black bag for some time now, but I have yet to come across that "right one". Lately I've been carrying my LV, mono Speedy 30, which I got this fall. I love this bag, but sometimes I feel like carrying a smaller bag.

    I've been interested in getting into Coach bags. The only thing Coach I have is a tweed purple / orange clutch I scored from TJ Maxx, but I've been eyeing all of their lovely bags on their online store and one that has caught my eye is the Signature Stripe Demi (black white).

    I was wondering if anyone has this bag and if so, how do you like it? Also, if you do have this bag do you have any pictures of your own, and maybe some pictures of you holding / carrying it?

    Thanks everyone.

    Another one I've been eying is the LEGACY FLAP (both the signature and leather) If anyone has these would you mind posting pictures? Thanks.
  2. ^^ I don't own the Legacy Flap but I'd go for that one before the Demi. The Legacy leather is awesome! I have the shoulder bag and love it! I saw the signature stripe at Macy's and I didn't like it as much in person as I did in pics. Just my opinion though! Hope that helps!
  3. I own the signature stripe demi in crimson (which is no longer on the website for some reason). This was my latest bag purchase. Unfortunately my camera is acting up, so I'm unable to post pictures :sad:. I love it, it's very cute, but I'm used to carrying a bigger bag. This has forced me to carry about half of the junk I normally do (3 tubes of lipgloss as opposed to my usual 15 :p). If you tend to carry a lot of stuff around with you, I'd say skip it and look for a larger bag. Mine is big enough for my wallet, my iPod or cellphone, and a very small makeup case. I will say that my husband is still amazed that I fit as much as I do into it.

    Hope that helps a little!
  4. The Legacy Flap is cute! My Mom has this one. It will hold more than the Demi. It's a bit wider, the demi is a bit flatter. Both are cute though.

    I don't like the patent trim on the new Sig Stripe bags though.
  5. The demi doesn't have any patent leather on it, though the tote does, to my disappointment. I really want one but the patent straps are putting me off.
  6. Are you sure? The one I saw today at the boutique did have patent trim.

    The older ones (red or brown) did not.
  7. i purchased the demi in the sig stripe-punch today..and love it
    it's such a sweet bag...kind of dressy in that color and classic
    it does have some patent on it ..but looks different...better IMO
    than the patent straps on the tote
  8. I own the khaki/crimson (perhaps this is the red you're referring to?). No patent. I just double checked! I saw the blue one in the boutique yesterday, and I didn't notice any patent on it either.
  9. Okay, on second thought, perhaps it is patent. I just checked the website, and while crimson isn't on there, they're calling the other combinations khaki/insert color (patent). So, I suppose it is patent, but not what I would call patent. To me, patent is more shiny and reflective. The straps on the totes are like that. At any rate, the crimson is more muted.
  10. Yes the older crimson and the mahogany did not have patent trim.
  11. And Neptune, I was also thinking if you wanted to stay in the LV range you could always use a Pochette....then use it as a bag to organize things in your Speedy.