Does Anyone Have the Signature Chocolate Soho Mia Satchel?

  1. I would like to know if anyone has the signature chocolate Mia Satchel, soho and if it is light and comfortable. I saw one today and it is a pretty bag. Does it go over the shoulder ? Any pictures or comments would be greatly appreciated. The one I saw was in khacki and brown , but the giirl said hers was not a real Coach when I said what a pretty bag color. Thanks!!!
  2. I don't have it, but someone I work with does. She wears it over her arm, but that is how she like to wear it. I held it and it seemed on the heavy side, but I don't know if that was because she had a lot of things in it or not. An e-bay listing mentions that the straps are 24" long. There is a black one and a very pretty magenta one with braided straps. Sorry I jumped around. Hope it helped.
  3. any pics of this bag? i don't know if i've seen it before or not.:shame:
  4. [​IMG] I think that it's this one? Sorry it is so small.
  5. i own it in black & gray!
    it's not to heavy for me
  6. I think it is heavy too, even the signature and that is what I am trying to avoid...thanks!!
  7. It is a pretty bag..does it go over the shoulder easily or more of an arm bag? Thanks.
  9. yes that is the bag, it is pretty in that and in chocolate..wonder if it goes over the shoulder? Thanks!!!
  10. that's cute, don't have it and haven't seen it tho.
  11. The straps are eaiser on my shoulder than my straps on my legacy satchel.

    i really dont find it heavy at all & Im disabled!

    hmm.... i guess everyone is different!
  12. I have the Mia in a signature and in black leather and don't find it a bit heavy! I LOVE the style so much!

    For me, I don't put it on my shoulder... not comfortable at all. I carry it in my hand or on my arm.
  13. It is cute in Chocolate brown, saw it in khacki but it was a knockoff...not real..But I want it to go over the shoulder. Maybe I should Ask Ms. Whitney if it does and it is light? Thanks!!!
  14. I think that would happen to me and I would end up carrying it on my arm as this years patchwork satchel is the same, barely goes over the shoulder to be comfortable. Hard to belive the indigo satchel is almost sold out...maybe I am going to get it anyway...last years was so much prettier...
  15. You have some pretty bags, but they would be indeed heavy for me..I wish I could carry them all...thanks!!