Does anyone have the Shopper/Shopping bag?

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  1. I saw a black Shopper/Shopping bag in Barney's yesterday that I cannot stop thinking about. I like the fact that the straps can fit over your shoulder but it doesn't zip shut. Does anyone have this bag?
  2. i think AmourN20 has one!
  3. I love that bag! I bought a "Purse / Shopper" by mistake thinking it was the same thing. I don't think I've ever seen one on eBay. I forget the dimensions, but I think it would be great as an overnight bag. :love:
  4. Yupper ... have it in the Ink color! I use it as a 'secondary' Office/Briefcase and just love it because I don't have to zip it open/close (plus it looks so good with my other B-Bag - either my Cornflower Blue Courier or one of my many City bags!).
  5. i have it in black and love it! i almost always use it for plane trips too...
  6. Barney's NY (Chestnut Hill, MA) had it in 3 colors (Ink - which I purchased, White and the Pale Rose). At first, I was seriously looking at the Purse, but it really wasn't large enough to carry my work papers. While I love the Purse style (especially the Red one that Christina Aguilera has been toting around), the Shopper is more practical for me.

    Come Fall, I might purchase another one - maybe in Grenat (ooooh - or Red) ...
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