Does anyone have the same problem??

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  1. So i started looking for one bag. It all started with the BV ball bag, then i started looking around for other alternatives just to make sure i made the right decision. then it was a Fendi spy, louis vuitton totes, balenciaga, gucci horsebit hobo, chanel tote...............
    i'm going insane!!!
    does this ever happen to you and how do you decide at the end?
    i think i'm going to get the fendi spy, chanel tote, and the balenciaga........maybe still the BV but i think i'm nuts for buying so many bags in 1 week.
  2. I'm like that too but I notice I always ended up going back to the first bag on my wish list. So go with your first instinct.
  3. i do the same thing, and it drives me crazy, as i usually only have barely enough money for one, so i hardly ever buy any bags. i wracked with indecision.
  4. Ya' know, I saw your BV orange bag online at Neimans. To answer your question, sometimes when you're on a roll, you're ON A ROLL! Sometimes I hit a dry spell and I can't seem to find a bag that I really want to spend good money on for months and then BINGO! Bags galore.
  5. I TOTALLY get what you're saying. I've jumped around with the following purses in about the span of a week:

    1) BV ball bag
    2) MJ Stam
    3) LV Popincourt
    4) LV Speedy 30
    5) MJ Stella
    6) Fendi B. Bag
    7) Dior Gaucho tote
  6. Moe, are you the one with the orange ball bag that has a pen mark on it? I think I confused you with someone else regarding the BV ball bag?
  7. I'm the one with the BV ball bag penmark :P It went back tonight--no regrets. I'm just going to buy a purse that expensive in person now so I can do a personal inspection. :P
  8. well i'm slowly going to narrow things down i'll go check out all the purses again and if i don't absoultely love it i'll leave. hope it works i'm going to post pictures of my new purchases soon. I already have a spy on its way i'm almost sure i'm going to get the olive balenciaga and the chanel tote. the BV ball bag, gucci horsebit hobo, and the louis vuitton tote is on the end of the list but i still want to consider them............i'm going coo coo