Does anyone have the Roma tote ?

  1. .....and if so, what are your thoughts? pros and cons.......TIA!
  2. Roomy tote that is fab for travel. The different compartments are great for storage. I also like that you could adjust the handle so it fits on the shoulder. Only drawback I could think of is it doesnt have any zip closure on top, just a flap.
  3. Before deciding to go for the limo chain bag, Roma was my choice of BV for this season. I must have tried it on at least a dozen times, so I'll try to help.

    It looks fab and is v.practical what with the compartments etc as per Ms Piggy as well.

    I had two reasons to change my mind: first, when you put it on your shoulder, the base is quite wide and kinda digs into your body and arm, unless you push the bag all the way back and it sits like a sinking boat. However, it is stunning when you carry it in your hand. I am more of a shoulder bag girl and if I am to go for a tote, I'll go for the exotic skin options.

    The second reason is that for my woven leather BV's I preser the slouchy look, but that's just me.

    I made a friend of mine by the Roma in gold, because of the colour. She is considering exchanging it now. Her reason is mainly the discomfort with the shoulder option.hth
  4. Great info. Thank you!
  5. Thanks a lot! I'll have to go and try it!
  6. Hi:
    I have it in Old Petra. I love the compartments and I find the tote softens over time, and conforms to my body a little bit. I love big totes, so I don't mind that the base is a little bit wider.