Does anyone have the rock & chain hobo?

  1. I love the pix of this bag posted somewhere in this forum, but can someone pls tell me how it works! :shrugs: How does the bag open and is it somewhat roomy inside--even if roomy, is it sturdy enough to put "a lot" of stuff in? I guess I wonder how functional it is... Have yet to see one IRL but would love to see it on someone. Thanks!
  2. I tried one on at a trunk show and loved it, listed for it in 2 colors in large, one in small. About a week ago, someone whose local boutique had them in tried on the bag and posted negatively about the fit, the bulkiness. I was surprised, because it didn't seem to be the soft, drapey bag I remembered. On Sunday one was out on display at my local NM, and I tried it. It is fairly large, as I remembered, so yes, I think it will hold pretty much, but it did not softly hang and drape as I remembered. It retained that sort of punching bag shape and was not comfortable to wear. I was so disappointed! Now I think I will just stick with the large size Rock and Chain flap I already got.

    I believe that with either size hobo you could grasp the bag above the chains and carry it that way, of course. But it sort of defeats the purpose for me of a really cool and comfortable shoulder bag. I'm going to look again before I decide no for sure. I'd be really interested to hear what other people think as they get the bags and begin wearing them.
  3. Thanks rollergirl! I like its shape and cool look in the abstract but really wondered how it can work in real life...would hate to dispense that kind of money and end up not getting too much use out of it. If you try it on again pls let me know if your opinion changes at all!
  4. Will do. I keep wondering if there is any way the sample bags at a trunk show can be different than the bag produced, or if I just have a bit of memory loss going on. I think the bag has a zip top, and to be honest, I didn't open it and look inside at any pockets or whatever on Sunday, since I was busy pouting. Oh, well. I should start getting calls soon that my bags are here, so I will go try it on again.
  5. How disappointing! Wait has bee for what seems like forever! hanks for the info.
  6. I get it tomorrow..will let ya know
  7. ^^ ooh lucky you!! Please post lotsa pics!!!
  8. That is so odd. It sounds like trunk show bags are different than the mass produced bags... otherwise how can a bag drape one time and not another?

    This was supposed to be my spring bag... I will be so disappointed if it doesn't fit well, because from the sounds of things, it doesn't. :sad:
  9. I think I was just surprised at my second viewing. Maybe I need a third! The large hobo has plenty of room to go onto the shoulder, so I don't want to be misleading in that way. I just couldn't figure how to position the bag. Maybe I should have put things in it or something, but then I didn't want to maul the NM bag right there in plain view. I kept trying to sort of push it around toward my back to see if that helped. I really want to hear what more adept wearers have to say.
  10. ^^ But if it was instant love, the softness, the drape, the way the bag hung, you would have known instantly, and not needed to go back and try to figure out how to position it on your shoulder. If we have to keep pushing it around, to get it to sit nicely... I think there may be a problem with the bag.

    I'm still waiting for my call... I'm first on the list and it isn't in the stores yet, but I am not expecting my dream bag now... maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised, but at least I won't be disappointed.