Does anyone have the regular Batignolles?

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  1. I keep seeing posts about the vertical and the horizontal but does anyone own the regular one? Thanks!!
  2. I have one. I got it last year and love it! :love: :love:
    I know it doesn't get as much attention as the vertical or horizontal, but I think it's the perfect size when you don't want to carry around too much stuff. And if I need to keep my hands free, I just carry it on the crook of my arm....The only drawback is that it doesn't have a zip or a snap at the top -- it is totally open. So if you happen to sit the bag on your lap and turn it on its side, things may fall out. I just make sure to keep little items in a makeup bag or something so nothing gets lost...
  3. i have it too.

    its gorgeous!!!
  4. I have one too as I don't like the vertical or horizontal. I carry little stufs and it is perfect for my size as I'm only 158cm :noworry:
  5. Do any of you have pics with it on? Thanks so much!!
  6. i think the regular one is a wee bit too small, i prefer the horizontal.