Does anyone have the reade PM?

  1. I really want a vernis framboise before they are all gone, but trying to keep the cost down, but I usually like larger bags.

    Does anyone have the reade PM? Do you like it, how much can you fit in it?

    Thanks for any thoughts/advice
  2. Hello~ I purchased the Indigo reade pm...just too small. I too am a bigger bag gal and there was absolutely no way. She went back to the store and I purchased a Vernis Indigo stillwood. Rather big too. Hope this helps!:flowers:
  3. CUTE, but EXTREMELY SMALL!!:sad:
  4. Thanks so much that really helps, I guess I am going to have to bite the bullet and go larger!
  5. i wonder if they have it in GM
  6. I have reade PM, it's a small bag but it can fit lots of stuff. It's as much as room in speedy 25 IMO..
  7. I have one in Bronze. I can fit: wallet, agenda, sm. access pouch, 4 key holder, and cell phone in it comfortably. I love it! It is however, a little on the small side but fits all the essentials.
  8. I took a look at the Reade PM in framboise yesterday at the store and I was surprised by how much room it had given just looking at it's exterior it looks REALLY small!!

    But before getting to the store, as I was walking in the concourse to get to the subway this girl had a reade pm in framboise and I literally did a swivel turn because it was so darn cute!! I had never seen anybody carrying one IRL before.

    So when I got to the store I took a peek into the interior and it looks like it could hold my wallet (long sized one), koala small agenda, lipstick/glosses, cell phone, and possibly a waterbottle or juicebox. (more likely juicebox since I think water bottle might stick out of it.) It could also fit an ipod, digital camera, and a small snack. I think you might have to arrange your items, but they would fit in there.

    But then again - if you only like big bags then the reade pm probably isn't for you. Personally I like the variety - some days using larger bags, but somedays just using something that fits my essentials so I don't find myself carrying everything around with me.
  9. That's true, sometimes I wish I didn't have such heavy bag....decisions, decisions....
  10. I have a Fushia Reade PM and think that it fits alot. I've used it to take to a wedding and nights out at a bar, etc. Its not a bag I would use for daily use but its a great bag when a smaller bag makes sense.

    For the wedding, I fit my digital camera, flip phone, tri-fold wallet, wapity (used as a m/u case) and keys and there was room left to put the wedding favor in it too (Godiva 4-piece box. Yum)

  11. I dont have a Reade PM - but I think its such a CUTE bag!!! If you don't carry much stuff with you during the day then I think it would be a great bag!!! :wlae: Its just CUTE!!!! :love:
  12. the PM is cute, i love it but it's way to small.. so i ended up buying the MM instead and the size is great
  13. I have the PM in Framboise, it's a very cute bag. It's a great spring, summer bag to take shopping when you want to carry something pretty and can still fit the basics- if you don't carry too much stuff.