Does anyone have the Rafe Wooster Kate or Lindsay?

  1. Hi everyone. I saw the Wooster collection in a store a few weeks ago when I was out of town and I fell in love. Does anyone have one of these bag? If so, do you have any feedback on the bag, its quality, how it holds up, etc? I don't know anyone who has a Rafe bag, and so I was just wondering before I go spend over $500. Thanks so much!!
  2. Well, I don't have the Rafe Kate Wooster, but I do have two Rafe Kate bags. One is the one with the two small pockets front pockets in black pebbled leather (there is a cream one on eBay right now that is the same, just different colors) and I have the Rafe Kate Lexington in linen with black patent. They both are VERY nice bags and very high quality.

    Some people say that they don't like the woosters because they think it looks/feel like the leather has been beat up or washed too many times, but if you have seen them and like them, then that won't be an issue. We all have different tastes. I know I'm really drawn to it.

    I wonder how the shoulder feels? i find with the two I have that they slip off my shoulder (VERY, VERY few bags will sit on my shoulder, unfortunately - no one else I know has had this problem and I know several Rafe Kate bag owners from another forum). For me, a SOFT, mushy strap or a very thin one is key for sitting on my shoulder... Did you notice if this had that or not? If it does, I'm SOLD! LOL (see, I love these bags!)

    Then it's to decide - the brown or the black!
  3. Love the Rafe Bags...I have the Wooster Satchel bag in Black! I wear at as a cross body ... its so easy to wear! This is my 3rd Rafe bag...and I love them all!! Go For wont be disappointed! :smile:
    It is so gorgeous!
    You can do the strap 3 different ways, and the leather is TDF!
    Bought it on for $391.50 free shipping/ no tax ($495 retail)
    YAY! I am so in love with it right now. My first Rafe bag (I am usually only buying MJ) but this style and size is just perfect.