Does anyone have the Queen hobo bag?

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  1. Im deciding on whether or not I should get this bag for my mom... I would appreciate photos/input from anyone that has it.

    The search function isnt working so I cant search past posts on the Queen hobo, but im very interested in hearing about it!

  2. Hi, I just bought this bag this weekend. I don't have modeling pics yet but it's gorgeous. It's probably not the best bag for everyday use since the big bow could easily get scratched. The top is open but the bag is pretty deep so I don't think stuff falling out will be a problem. If you want a "wow" type of bag, this could be it. It is a very pretty, feminine bag that has a different look.

    I was still able to get it for $1290 in store. It is now $1505 on the site. I suspect it is going to go up in stores too at some point.
  3. ^^^^^^ the bag of my dreams!! This is my fave Queen of all. LOVE IT!!! It retails approx $1800 in my city. Freakin crazy for a canvas bag... but... welcome to australia! You guys have it lucky over in the US!
    I adore the queen range....
  4. its a pretty bag! i like the all gold one.. i think its called platium instead.. good choice!
  5. OOO, thanks for the pic iluvpurses... Its incredible, especially the canvas. I understand what youre saying about the big bow, but she only has plain bags and I wanna get her a great "wow" bag...

    Theres none on eBay.. I was looking to get a bargain, but if worse comes to worse Ill get it on the site. Thanks so much for your responses :heart: