Does anyone have the Prada Saffiano in Large? Reviews?

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  1. Saks link:

    On Saks, it's called the "Saffiano Lux Large Double-Zip Tote." Is this the same as the Galleria tote just in a bigger size? Any reviews or pictures on heaviness, what it fits?

    Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 10.51.17 AM.png What's appealing to me is that it's 14" W which would fit a 13" Mac better than the medium, with room to spare. I've seen the small & medium sizes on here a ton and think the medium would be too small for a work bag. Would this fit: a Mac, small binder, small agenda, everyday bag items like a wallet/sunglasses, a water bottle, umbrella sometimes? I currently use a Longchamp Le Pliage large tote which fits all of these and then some, but I want something more structured/professional looking.

    Does anyone have this bag in large? What fits? Pics for size reference? Or is this not a commonly purchased size... I don't think it comes with the shoulder strap which is a bummer, but might not be necessary if the drop length is generous enough (don't really notice heaviness of the Le Pliage but the bag is like carrying air).
  2. I have the biggest one, the one without the shoulder strap and based on the measurement it might be the one you're interested in.
    It's pretty big. It does fit a 13" laptop and all the items you mentioned. I'll take pictures later of the items I carry on a regular basis and how they fit inside the bag so you can get an idea of how much it fits.
    You may be able to carry it on your shoulders if you have smaller arms but I wouldn't recommend it since the bag is huge.
    Also, bear in mind that this bag is much heavier than the Le Pliage.
  3. Here's what's inside.
    - water bottle
    - notebook and pen
    - 3 pouches
    - sunglasses
    - wallet
    - coin pouch
    - key holder
    - card holder with my metro card
    I could easily fit an umbrella or a laptop

    The bag itself weighs 2lbs P_20180918_170057.jpg P_20180918_170330.jpg
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  4. You are amazing!!! Thank you SO much for this! Your bag is gorgeous, btw.

    Does the bag come with a shoulder strap? I'm thinking no. Do you find it gets uncomfortable on your shoulder or not any moreso than other bags? I really like the shape of the Galleria, that it's more flat and angular than a big catch-all bag, and I think that would help with not feeling too heavy. As well as the fact that it doesn't have a ton of extraneous hardware.
  5. Thank you :smile:

    No shoulder strap. I usually carry it in the crook of my arm as I find the handles way too small to fit comfortably over my shoulder.
    If you really want a bag you can carry on your shoulder, this Galleria might not be the best option for you. I would get the one with a strap or another bag. If you don't mind having to hold it in your hand or carry it in the crook of your arm, then go for it! It's the best work/professional bag I've ever had!
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  6. Yep the Saffiano lux double zip tote is the same as the galleria bag I think! I have the black in the medium size (with shoulder straps), and it’s a really great work bag but also elegant enough for going out after work.
    I’ve never used my shoulder straps as it can ruin the shape of the bag (the straps are attached diagonally to the corners of the bag). I always carry by arm/hand - it’s not too heavy compared to some of the other big bags. My bag is still in really good condition and shape after over two years, and it’s been my daily work bag and has been through everything - rain, heat, flights, restaurant floors, even crushed by train doors once...
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  7. I have one Prada Saffiano Lux Tote, bought in Paris in 2015. I hardly use it but the leather seems to be out of shape quite fast and its quite heavy for me, always leave red marks on my shoulder after carrying them for hours (shoulder strap).

    It is still gorgeous to me, can fit a lot of stuff but I do not carry it very often anymore, only on special occasion.
  8. I think the key to keeping the bag shape is to not use the shoulder strap - as the strap is attached to diagonal corners of the bag the weight of the bag (when carried by the strap) will pull the bag into a diamond shape and will unfortunately make it look a bit crooked.
  9. Yes dear. Too bad mine is already out of shape even though I have just used it for a few times :-s and i think the leather/shape cant be restored anymore.... ever since then I stopped buying Prada stuffs :noworry:
  10. I have the Saffiano Lux/Galleria in both large and medium (i actually bought the medium yesterday haha).

    I bought the large with shoulder strap 2 years ago and it is perfect for travelling and work because it fits the macbook pro 13 inch. However I find it a bit to big for everyday use and therefor i got the medium. But overall i just love the style of the bag

    Here are some pictures of me with the large size, and for reference i am 5'9"

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