Does anyone have the Prada Mini Bucket Bag?

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  1. Hi, does anyone have the Prada mini bucket bag and you could show me some pics of what fits inside? Either the nylon or the leather versions. Can't find too much info on this bag. Thanks!

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  2. I have the leather version and it holds a lot. I use a regular wallet, but a longer wallet would fit but it would go to the top of the opening. Then I use a pochette metis, key cles, reading glasses, and my iphone 11. The front pouch doesn't fit my iphone 11, but I put a coin pouch and tissues in there. I really could fit more. It's surprising how much it fits! I love it! I will try to take a picture later with all my items to show you. I hope this helps!
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  3. The leather version is very lovely! I love the smoothness of the leather.