Does anyone have the Portefeuille Wallet?

  1. I saw this on diabro, but they only have white. Does anyone have it? If so, how big is it in inches?

    Is there a nice Balenciaga wallet that does not zip that holds cash and cards that you all would recommend? I have a coin purse, which is fantastic, but I also need something to hold everything else. I am so over all of my LV acces. that are currently in my bags. TIA.
  2. BTW, I am talking about the new P. wallet that does not zip.
  3. [​IMG]

    2.5 cm = 1 inch

    so this wallet measures:

    3.6 length x 4.4 width x 0.8 depth

    (same width as a coin purse)

    hope that helps
  4. I have and highly recommend the 'money' is TDF!! There are plenty of threads on this particular style. It is not too big and holds up to 8-10 cards plus you can use it as a clutch cell fits in mine!! Nordies in Sac has all of the new colors..anthracite, black, aqua, blue glacier..good luck in your search
  5. Thank you both, great info.
  6. I don't have the Portefeuille wallet, but i have the Le Compagnon, which is flap style with magentic closer. It has space for coins, notes and cc's. Its very practical, and I can recommend it....but it is bigger than the one your looking at.

  7. I agree 100%!!! :yes: :yes:

    I just got the Marine Money wallet, and I am thinking of getting a second one in Aqua this week! :p
  8. Thanks F&G! I love your wallet. Is that truffle? Very versatile for all your bags. Does it fit well in your new aqua twiggy?
  9. No probs Shasta. Yes its truffle and goes well with most. It fits well in the twiggy with a toilet case, mobile and other bits and bobs.

    This wallet is really versatile and easy to use. I've had other brands before, but found them clumsy and un-user friendly. I would definitely recommend this style. I've seen the same size wallets with the zipper all the way round, but didn't find them as nimble to use.

    Hope this helps. I think Celia has the same wallet in a blue colour, she may have some advice too.
  10. Hi F&G..the one you have is called the 'money' the compagnon is the larger zip around one!! I love your truffe one:smile::smile:
  11. Isn't this the Money?

    F&G glad you got the hang of the whole posting pics, so proud of you! :p
  12. i'm not sure if this is the wallet you're talking about. i love it cause it has a mirror inside but can't keep that many credit cards though.


  13. Hi Bags4Bubbles & me has the same marine money wallet. This is a great wallet and the leather is TDF, we got it from aloha rag......i jus love the card compartments and other zipper slots for coins, etc. It can also be used as a clutch if you are not carryin a bag....i jus love the every bit of this wallet than my LV damier wallet. In fact, i was deciding to get another one in a different color......Thanks F&G, yes...i have one in marine and have posted in one of my thread somewhere. U can check it out if you want...hehehehe
  14. Shasta, I am actually currently waiting on a RV Money and am already really excited!:tender: I'll post pics as soon as I get it!:yes:
  15. Yes your all right, it is the Money (checked on Ateliernaff). Think I was going by diabro or some other similar site.

    Thanks Incoralblue for your expert guidance on the picture enlarging. As you can tell, I've become a bit of a monster!!