Does Anyone Have the Petit Ellipse Anymore?

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  1. I'm just curious about whether this bag is still "in style." I like it. It's neat looking and can be dressed up or down. But I do remember seeing a TON of fake ones in NYC a few years ago.

    Is it worth buying?

    Would you rather have a petite noe?
  2. Ive been looking at the MM ELLISPE and the ALMA!!! I like both, I think they are unique and classic!!!
  3. I have to Ellipse Moyen Modele, not the PM one. I like it because it's unique shape. I bought it because I saw a guy carrying it and he looked sooooo good. I figure if he can wear it, I can wear it better and I'm a woman. :lol:
  4. my sis in law has an ellipse pm. she has had it since the 90's and still in great shape.
  5. If you like it that is all that matters... GO FOR IT!!!
  6. I have one and I love it. I rotate frequently. I also have the Mini Ellipse. And ditto what beljwl said!

  7. I used to have one. It was my first LV and loved it. I sold it only to miss it.
  8. Is the PM Ellipse the one that was discontinued? Such a pretty bag!
  9. LV bags are always "in style", no matter how old they are! :tup:
  10. ^^I agree!
  11. ^^ Me too!
  12. I don't have one but I like it alot. Even more so because you don't see it every where.
  13. I agree if you like the bag get it. I bought mine second hand, cutest bag and holds a ton.
  14. I had the larger version, and sold it after only using it once or twice, I found the shape a bit awkward to carry, and updated my collection. I don't think it is 'out of style' though, I think most LV's are timeless. I love that mini version!
  15. I have the mini and LVOE the shape! SO cute, I think you should do it!
    All LV is classic and timeless!