Does anyone have the Passy GM? I need some help!

  1. I just received mine and gosh this bag is HUGE! I am wondering if I can pull this bag off. :oh: I love the shoulder style but maybe the Passy PM would be better suited. I love this bag, it is sooo beautiful but I just want to make sure I can pull this off. If you have this bag in PM or GM can you let me know how you like it and how tall you are? I am 5'6". Thanks for all your help & advice in advance!
  2. you have a picture wearing it?
  3. I can take one tomorrow. I am in sweats now!
  4. sweats and LV go great! LOLOL
  5. I have a black Epi Passy GM and I'm only 5'2. I love the way it looks, although it does get quite heavy.
  6. as soon as this bag comes in myrtille I'm all over it
  7. Thanks for you feed back!
    Susanlau11 - Do you also have the mono BH? I guess I was just a little surprised that the Passy GM is so much bigger. The dimensions on Elux are incorrect. Does it get heavy because u carry a laptop? Also, does the straps stay on the shoulder?
  8. hey bellabags - did u end up taking some pics of u with the Passy GM??? hmmm, im thinking maybe i should get this instead of the BH... i'm just 5'1... i was just wanting to see it on ya!!! hmmm, i hope u still have the Passy GM... hehehe!!! thanks in advance...
  9. Hi HelenNZ, I decided not to keep the Passy GM. It was just too big on me. I like big bags but felt it was a little bit too big & I am 5'6". I have the BH and love it, perfect size! The Passy is bigger than the BH so if you like big bags it will be perfect for you! The replacement bag was an Epi mandarin bucket which I love but I am trying to work it into my wardrobe. Almost everything I have is black! Trick or Treat! hahaha.
    Good Luck!