Does anyone have the Partition...........?

  1. I went to buy the Wapity and came back with a Partition. I was undecided between the Tulum Tikal and Partition because I wanted something a little bigger than the Wapity. Now I don't know if the Partition is too big :oh: Does the Blackberry fit into Tulum Tikal nicely? Thanks
  2. I have a partition and a wapity - I use the partition for nice events as a clutch and the wapity as a wristlet for bar hopping, etc.
  3. I really like the partition.
  4. I have the wapity! LivinLuxuriously I love your "about me" eBay page. What in the world are those bags that are just above your main message??? Yuck!! :sick:
  5. I have a Partition, and it's a good size for going out. Which LV store did you go to that had one though? The Saks SA told me they stopped making it, so I had to hunt for mine, finally got it on eBay from a seller who bought hers from eluxury.
  6. Thanks haha - they're the WORST fakes I've seen on ebay. :P
  7. I got mine as a gift a 2 years ago - and at the time the SA told my fiance they were discontinuing it. A few months ago I asked my SA and she told me it was no longer being sold - yet I hear left and right on the forums they're being spotted. I wonder if they're discontinued or not? LV needs to get their story straight!
  8. Hi Windykat, I got mine from Macy's LV store in NYC . I didn't realize it's been discontinued. Do you like the front pocket with the snap closure? I was wondering what I would put in there. There is also a very small pouch sewn within that front pocket, do you ever use it?:smile:I have 30 days to exchange but this is probably going to be a keeper.
  9. I could not find the Partition on the French LV site either, but there are proabably still a few left in the stores although they have stopped making them. I was wondering when my was made, can you find the date code on yours?
  10. Mine was made in 2003 - the date code is inside that tiny pocket inside of the front pouch.

    I use the front pouch for my compact and a chapstick :smile: fits like a charm!
  11. Thanks! I found the date code, mine was made in August of 2003! Boy, that was almost 3 years ago. I suppose they have really stopped making it and now I like it even more ! I like the older canvas material, compared to my batignolles, it is much stiffer and more suitable to the Partition shape.
  12. I LOVE my Partition (even though I've only carried it once). My cell phone fits perfectly into the front pocket. It is the cutest, cutest thing - LV's answer to the Coach wristlet! :yes:
  13. I just stretched my Partition like crazy trying to see into that pocket. My lining is a little worn down. Could you girls see the date clearly on yours?
  14. It's a little hard because it's tucked away and heat stamped, but if you hold it to the light at precisely the right angle... :roflmfao:
  15. You're right about the right angle...I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. Could my Partition really be as old as the date code says? MI0010
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