Does anyone have the Paddington Cross Body Bag? I just scored one from NM for $477

  1. I have one, which is pretty large, 35 x 35 cm (which would be 13 to 14 inches, I guess?), and I think the bag you got must at least be bigger than the 7.5 x 13.5 inches, because it is a square shape and not a rectangular one.
    I love the style, even though it's big, but it's so practical at the same time! Congrats on your amazing deal![​IMG]
  2. I was the one that posted about it. I guess you got the extra 40% off! Great deal. My mom has one and it looks a lot bigger that it does in this picture. Only complaints she has is that the opening can be a little small if you go in & out of the bag frequently.
  3. Congrats, great deal!!
  4. What a deal! Please post modeling pics when you get it.
  5. Lovely bag, i adore cross body bags. Enjoy :tup:
  6. thanks everyone!

    I worked hard to get this bag. NM CS would not honor the 40% off. I had to call the VP of and she honored it.
  7. Wow the vp? How did you get the #? I'm glad it worked out. A lot of people were wondering how you scored the extra 40%. I guess nothing can get in btwn a tpf member and her bag at a great price! :woot: