Does anyone have the oyster card holder?

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  1. I'm just looking on the website and I see it's half price in the sale - I was wondering whether to get one for my sister as she works in London and she's already lost about 3 oyster passes. This one has a clip to attach to your bag, so hopefully she wouldn't lose it!

    Just wondering if anyone has one and whether you think it's worth the money? £40 instead of £80 (!)
  2. i just returned mine - had it in the red. i just didn't love it enough and wouldn't have paid full price for it.

    in a different leather and a darker colour - i would definitely re-purchase
  3. Oh that's interesting, it was the red one I was thinking of, as she just recently got a red bag and I thought it would go well together. Hmm maybe I should wait and see if they bring out any different colours & leathers.
    Thanks for the tip, and sorry you didn't get what you wanted :smile:
  4. Hi, I had a black one fromShepton - Ithink it was polished goatskin?

    I wanted if for my security pass at work but the strap was too short and I felt like a lady £48 I still thought it was expensive.

    Sorry but I would pass unless its is 100% perfect for your sister.

  5. LOL at the lady mayoress :greengrin: Hmm yes they are expensive, I bought her a Radley one before and she lost that! I was just thinking as this had a clip, it would be more likely to remain with her. But think I'll give it a miss.

    Thanks both!

  6. oh wait for the experts to come along.....i just found that even whilst wrapped in the tissue paper, it was scratched by the clip and had little indentations in the leather. i assumed it would go from looking glossy to looking battered quite quickly.
  7. i had an oyster holder (non-mulberry) but found it a faff, to take out evrerytime. i much prefer to keep my oyster card on the outside pocket of my bags. its the one thing u have to constantly take in and out in london and if i attach it to one bag i kinda forget to move it wen i use a diff bag..

    belenchandia also have some in diff colours on sale at the moment..its called protect me...hav a look at their website..
  8. The problem with my sister is that she's so absent minded, that she'll just shover her oyster in a pocket, or dump in on top of her bag etc and next time she comes to use it she can't remember what she did with it and is the on at the barriers holding everyone up while she empties the entire contents of her bag to find it!

    I'll take a look on the website you suggested, see if they have anything better. Thanks!