Does anyone have the Onna Ehrlich Vanessa bag?

  1. I saw pics of this in searching for a cute red bag and noticed that lots of people have ordered one, but does anyone have one yet? I'm wondering if it's comfy on the shoulder/user friendly.

  2. I own this bag. It's totally comfy. The handles are light and the bag has alot of compartments which makes it easy to organize little things such as lipgloss, keys, coins, cell, etc.
  3. Post some pictures. I am still not sure if I am going to buy one yet. I need more views. It is hard buying things off the internet, you know?
  4. Yeh post some pics! i ordered mine from blondette but cause the red its been back ordered im still waiting for it! im excited in getting it!:yahoo:
  5. Sounds great! Thanks for your reply. I may have to get this in red.
  6. I like the way this bag looks too. Does anyone have pics of the bag or of them carrying it?

    I wonder why the brand isn't more popular? I did a search on here and there's not a ton of threads about them....

    Are they new or not really established/popular yet? I don't see a ton of celebs carrying them other than Lohan and that
    was back in February. Of course I don't buy stuff just because a celeb has it, I just find it weird that not too many people carry them...

    Here's another pic of Lohan with that same bag

  7. ^ Onna is very underrated. She's very talented though, her bags are gorgeous! A few of her bags from her site are actually on my wishlist right now. :smile:
  8. Thanks a lot for your input :smile: Do you happen to know by any chance if the Vanessa bag is made of real leather? Thanks.