Does anyone have the Onimaitou?

  1. When I was in Hermes last month, the SA I was dealing with had a small, fairly flat bag slung across her chest, and she had paperwork or whatever in it. I got to thinking about how something like that might be nice whenever I'm just running out real quick and don't need a full bag. The name of it is Onimaitou mini bag. I'm not sure if Onimaitou is one or two words. I've been trying to find some pictures of it since I can't remember exactly what it looked like, but haven't came up with anything thus far.
  2. I believe you're talkin about the Homme nitout
  3. Tammy, I've seen that bag before and usually if a store has one it's hanging near the belts and/or equestrian items. Yes, it is flat and has an open top and very thin straps. I'm sorry I don't have a picture but there are pics in the Japanese "Perfect Books". Another similar flat bag that you can wear the same way is the Amelie. This one has a flap closure. In the SF store they had it in Orange Togo and Black Ardennes. It was about $970.
  4. Yes, the SA said that it is an equestrian bag, so that makes sense that it would be near those items. The Amelie sounds nice, too, but I couldn't find any pictures of that one. I'd love to get a hold of one of those Japanese magazines.
  5. Are you talking about what the employees have in the store?
    I saw one at a recent auction event:
    Here's a screen print: (it went for 2OO euros)
  6. BTW I just realized that the name sounds like "on y met tout" which means "one can put anything in there" in French.
  7. Yes, I think that's it! I wish I knew the dimensions. I wonder if a cell phone, small wallet and keys would fit in there.
  8. looks kinda narrow from the pics. Have you thought of the PM Vespa bag? I've got mine on now and it's totally great. I've got a small wallet, cell phone, pen, business card holder, keyring w/2 office keys and walkie-talkie inside and everything fits fine. Dimensions are: 7-1/4" tall x 7" wide x 2-1/4" deep with leather straps that have a 22" drop so it's perfect to sling across your chest.
  9. shopmom...I'd love to find a Vespa in a fun color.
  10. that bag is tiny.
  11. It's really thin, which means anything bulky (wallet, cell) will make a disgracious "bulge" lol :P
  12. My SA had one on too my last visit.
  13. I've seen SA's carry the Onimaitou, too. Very sleek! I'm looking for an Amelie to carry my passport, ID, and cash during travels. They're very easy to tuck inside a jacket.
  14. Yes, I thought it was a very cute bag, albeit very small. I'm interested in the Amelie, since that's been mentioned, but I can't find any pics. Does anyone have a pic of the Amelie?
  15. Tammy518, the Onimaitou and similar bags are probably just meant for coat check tickets, a little cash, and an ID. Here's what looks like an Amelie on eBay, although this one has a metal "H"; the Amelies I usually see just have a simple leather tab that tucks in. I'm not sure if this is a different bag entirely or a variation of the Amelie. This particular one looks like it's made of Ardennes leather. There was a black one in Ardennes and an orange Togo at the SF store. I'd love this one but I don't want to pay retail and above! LOL