Does anyone have the Ombre line?

  1. I ran across this on eBay or somewhere... I think it's soooo summery. Interested to see if anyone has anything from this line.




    Post pics if you can.

    It would be nice if it came in another color. Like light blue and blue or something?

    Are they at the outlets do you know? I know it's a pretty old style...


    Haha and I didn't even realize it matches my avatar!
  2. I had the large tote, but I gave it away to my sister because it got dirty so easily. they were at the outlets late last summer, that was the last I saw them

    They are GORGEOUS and orange is my fav color, but it's cotton and I never really found any way to protect it well, so I had to set it free
  3. I saw someone carrying one last weekend. It looked nice, but I don't have any personal experience with them.
  4. I have the Ombre large tote and love it! Its such a beautiful bag. I use it when we take our boat out, its a really big bag so perfect for a couple of hats, a coverup, suntan lotion, sunscreen and a wristlet among other things. Its gotten a little dirty but has been very easy to clean. I do baby it a bit by keeping it in a pillowcase in the compartment:nuts:
  5. That line was in the outlets last summer.
  6. Yes, some spotted in outlets last year. Only came in orange. I have to say IRL was more beautiful than any pics.
    Beautiful, but the cotton with snakeskin trim was a little high maintenance for me in the tote. Wristlet has "jewels" on the clasp - I'm thinking pool party, cruise ......
  7. Sorry, I've only seen them on eBay...
  8. I only have this one:

  9. Let me bumb my own thread for my question.

    I heard these are at the outlets... has anyone seen them and can you tell me how much they were and possibly PM me the number?

    I need the tote! And I don't want to pay retail if I don't have to.