Does Anyone Have the New Turnlock Agenda?

  1. Does anyone have the new turnlock agenda in punch or black? The all leather version that is shown in the new catalog? It's no longer on, and I was wondering if it was still available and worth the investment.

  2. Hi...I do! I have the small one in Punch and it's gorgeous! It's a good basic planner to keep in your bag. It's very easy to write in too and comes w/a cute gold pen. I really love the color. Here's a pic:
  3. I also have the turnlock agenda in punch and I love it.
    I find the color just pops in any handbag. I purchased it
    at my store when they came in with the new floorset.
  4. small hijack, and possible dumb question:
    How do you get refills for the agenda?
  5. Fearnotsomuch, it's not a dumb question at all....
    You get your refills through the Coach website. I also found that inside your agenda there will be a page telling you where to get refills, my refill info page was in the October 22-25 daily planner section. Hope this helps! :yes:

  6. Thanks!

    Ok, back to topic. I want that planner! I adore the punch color and I know it would look great in my bag!
  7. Yeah okay I'm gonna have to have rocks my pants.
  8. I saw it in three different sizes in the Troy, MI store this past weekend. I am also considering getting it. To those that own it, do you think that the turnlock closure gets caught on other things in your bag? That was my concern.
  9. Ohhhh, I love that planner!

    I just purchased the pink signature one at the outlet last week though. Can't justify 2 planners :crybaby:
  10. I bought the smaller punch agenda on Sunday and I love it. They said it was the last one. Its gorgeous and I love it. My store also sold out of the black one in 2 sizes as well. So I'm guessing it would be sold out.

    I was on the fence about getting it, but when I went in on Sunday for the price I couldnt pass it up. SO happy I got it!
  11. Sometimes my punch agenda does get caught on things in my bag but I don't really care as I love this agenda.
  12. okay you girls will laugh, but I keep my wallet in a dustbag when its in my bag and I also have my new agenda in one as well.

    My keys get jealous and scratch the sh*t out of things in my bag!
  13. Its back at I think i might order it!!!!!! I might call my store tomorrow to order it .. so that i can get free shipping!!!
  14. Can you post the link? Either I'm going crazy or its not on the website anymore?:crybaby:
  15. Such a great idea, it definitely will keep your wallet looking new. I might have to try that. Thanks! :tup: