Does anyone have the new stam?

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  1. With the new handles? How do they compare with the ones from last season?
  2. The hobo? I wanted that until I saw it IRL. The handle is very stiff and the bag itself is awkwardly large. I also found that the handle was annoying as far as getting into the bag, it was kind of in the way or something. On a postive note, it's light! Much lighter than a typical MJ bag...and the chain is a new, improved (lighter) chain.
  3. Yep, that's what I'm talking about.
  4. I've seen it IRL and I can't say I like it either. It's not as sophisticated or elegant as the regular Stam IMHO.
  5. Another thing I noted is that the chain is the giant bag kind of sits at the hip, looking very unstylish. I TRIED to make it work because I really wanted the bag (the chestnut color is very pretty) but it wasn't cute no matter how I tried.
  6. Oh I'm really disappointed to hear this! I wanted this bag as I had the original stam and found it a little too 'prim' for me, so I thought this looked alot more laid back because it's a hobo. May I ask how tall you are Glimmer? I'm 5ft 7", and I wonder if the bag is perhaps a little too large, but if you're only say 5ft 2" then perhaps what's big on you would be fine on me?
  7. Oh and this is my first post!!!
  8. Me too! I'd encourage you to try it on but I bet you'll feel like I do. It just looks like a big pillow or something sitting on the hip. Oh, and for a "hobo" it does NOT fit over the shoulder and if you can get it to, it won't be comfortable because the strap is very stiff.

    Oh, and welcome!
  9. Really? It's that big? Damn, that's such a let down! I really thought it would sit on the shoulder without the chain, which was really important for me. Oh well, I shall see if I can try it on first but if we're the same height then I suspect you're right - I will feel the same way as you about it. Back to the drawing board as the saying goes!
  10. Let us know what you think if you get a chance to see it. I want to know if it's just me!
  11. I own the new Stam Hobo and guess what? I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been wearing for days now and nothing is stiff and it DOES FIT over my shoulder.
  12. I am 5'2 and love the way the bag looks on very cool and hip! I am so glad I waited for the is so easy to get in and out of without dealing with the kisslock.
  13. I went down to MJ today and tried on the stam hobo for size. I felt it was GIGANTIC. It is definitely larger than the regular stam.

    I just wasnt feeling the bag was for me. It didn't feel as special as the orginal stam.
  14. Unfortunately there are no stores that sell MJ where I stay in the UK, so I need to take a trip to London and see if anywhere there has it as I was originally going to get it online, but perhaps it's a bit risky buying it 'blind' as it were. It's great to get different opinions though.