Does anyone have the New Simple Pumps?

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  1. I am seriously considering preordering these from Saks. It would mean a CL ban, becuase it would use all of the money I received from selling my Yasmines. I had kinda wanted to get a couple of pairs on ebay with the money, but part of me is thinking I need a pair of good black pumps. What do yall think? One pair of good black pumps, or a couple pairs I may not wear every day? Im really torn.
  2. You know what, nevermind. It added an extra $100 just with shipping and taxes. Thats crazy. I can find a cheaper pair somewhere else.
  3. new s Simples? have they changed? I am likely buying a pair as soon as NM transfers them.
  4. New Simple


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  5. aw dang! Wonder which ones I tried!?
    I want the NEW ones!:hysteric:
  6. Swanky- Don't think the New Simple came in varying heel heights, so if it was the lower heel you tried (70mm, 85mm) it's probably the Simple.
  7. ahhh, the new Simples don't come in 70? That's too bad!
  8. Also, I don't recall seeing the new simples at NM, only at Saks.
  9. After seeing Wantmore's New simples, I also bought a pair in milk patent. It was really pretty, but like Wantmore mentioned, not as comfortable as the regular simples. When I returned them, the sales manager, SAs all lined up and goo goo ga ga'ed over them. Made me have second thoughts about returning them! LOL
  10. New Simples are also called CORTA.

    Isn't the color very pretty though? If only the Simple 85 or 100 came in the Patent Milk I would be all over it instead.
  11. I may be in the minority here, but I really like the look of the Simples better than the New Simples. I mean, they are simple for a reason!
  12. Agree!
  13. wantmore's milk patent cortas are beautiful! What is the heel on the cortas? 100mm?
  14. I think wm's milk patents were 110.
  15. I have the new simple pumps in blue and they're pretty comfy :smile: