Does anyone have the new royal/brown BW MAB/MAM?

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  1. Would anyone who has the new royal/brown basketweave MAM or MAB care do to a reveal? :graucho:

    I'd love to see some IRL pics of this and haven't found any yet. How's the leather and the stamping? Are the long tassels nice? I only have bags with long finished tassels which have a nice weight and swing, are these kind of stiff? And how about the hardware? I believe it's the new antique gold which I haven't seen yet. Is it similar to brass?

    Sorry for all the questions, I'm just SO curious about this one and debating whether to pull the trigger...
  2. I was actually pleasantly surprised with mine, I fully expected that I would end up returning it...I'm not much of a bag porn photographer, though. The stamping is as deep as my SO BBW MAB (brass HW & blue zipper). I haven't carried her yet but I was pleasantly surprised. Bag is much darker in person than in this pic. Good luck!

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  3. Fleurine- It looks beautiful! Congrats! What is the hardware? Is it gold or antique gold? Does it look anything like brass? I only ask because it looks brassy in your pic...
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    I'm going to say that it does resemble brass really does... but a bit more delicate. I think it is closer to brass than "antique" anything. Less shiny than gold HW but a tad shinier than real brass. I *think* you would like it. And the hardware is the mixed style. Hopefully you can make the pic larger if you click on it.
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    Awesome! Thanks... I was asking because I am looking for a strap for mine but mine is from one of the SO's and has brass HW... Congrats again!! You must carry her soon and show her off...
  6. Fleurine OMG your collection is amazing!! I am in love with all your MAB's :smile:
  7. I have the MAC, which I know is not what you asked for, but it's still a part of the new royal/BBW family. The stamping is indeed well-done and rather deep on the panels, and of course not so much on the strap and piping just because it has to be stretched (similar for MAM/MAB handles). I would say that of all the tassels I have on my bags, these probably have the least swing. They're a little stiff but not hard. I'm sure they'll soften over time. The hardware is antique gold, which to me seems just like a shade or two lighter than brass. HTH!
  8. The new release looks nice! The only difference I see in the reissue is the square hardware. I own the original and there are D-rings instead of square rings.

    Great thing about this release is that there shoudln't be any handle stretching issues!

    Congrats on the great bag, Fleurine!
  9. Thanks for the responses, everyone. And TaraPep, thanks for the great pictures. The stamping looks NICE. I have an old school black basketweave MAB and I really really want this one for spring. The MAB is the perfect size for me and I just love this color combo.

    If I get it I'll be sure to do a reveal!
  10. Word... I definitely think its a bag that will compliment any collection.. BTW the pic posted is Fleurine's. I just enlarged it...