Does anyone have the new poppy embossed exotic XL spotlight?

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  1. I did a search to see if it was a discussion of any threads and I turned up nothing. But if this is a duplicate conversation, I apologize. Anyway, I am loving the poppy embossed python looking purse. It is so me. I went to a FP store and they said no stores carry it that it is a limited edition only available online. Bummer. I can't pay that much for something I can't hold and check out in person. So I was curious if anyone has it or has seen it. It is sooooo cute and sooo me. I have been getting Coach GC's forever so I'm partially there. I wish Coach made more leather funky purses. A mix of classic and trendy purses from Coach would be my ideal line. Thoughts??
  2. Do you mean the one in blue/purple snake print? I saw it in person and it was GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!! One of the MOST STUNNING bags I've ever seen. Way too big for me, but I'm sure you are familiar with the size of the XL spotlight. If they make something smaller in that print I would HAVE to own it. The only other thing I noticed is that is is REEEAAALLLLYYY heavy. It weighs a lot. And it's so big so you could put so much stuff in it, I can't even imagine how heavy it would be full!

    But definetely beautiful and stunning.

  3. Don't you hate that everything is so big lately. I like big bags but some of these look like suitcases on me since I am only 5'2 with shoes on lol.
  4. OMG I'm so there with you. I may be shot for saying this, but I don't even like how the "suitcases" look on taller and/or larger girls. I'm not talking large bags - I'm talking the recent trend of HUUUUGGGEEEE bags.

    When I was at the mall where I saw this spotlight (again - GORGEOUS!!) my DH and I were sitting having a coffee and people watching. These 2 young girls walked passed us and I actually almost spit my coffee out. They both had gorgeous Michael Kors (the really expensive ones) bags on but they were GINORMOUS. One of them literally looked like she was carrying around a tent - I swear to God she could easily have crawled into it. My DH said she must have her car in there. And she actually looked uncomfortable carrying it. From behind (she had it slung over her shoulder) all you could see was her head and then maybe mid thigh to feet. The bag was that big - and she was that small - not a good look.

    The other girl was taller, so while her GINORMOUS bag didn't swallow her up, it still looked ridiculous on her. But the smaller girl had a much bigger bag. I just don't understand the appeal?

  5. That is hilarious I know I wanted the new storypatch spotlight but it was so big on me my daughter was like "that looks so funny on you mom" so I had to return it. I mean those bags are so big I could fit my 10 month old daughter in there if I wanted :biggrin: tee hee!
  6. Yeah, that storypatch spotlight IS rather large...I find that if I keep the chain on it, it pulls down the top corners and slims it a little while wearing the shorter straps.
    Still..I have only carried it once, lol.
  7. I was secretly wishing someone would have said "It's not all that":biggrin:. But now I want it sooooo much. Do we think they will come out with different style same print??? *crosses fingers* I know the XL are rather huge but I carry tons of junk so I don't think size would matter :nuts: to me ;)
  8. Well sorry to do this to you but you should totally get it. :P Maybe if you called JAX they might know if something else will be released in this print, but somehow I doubt it. If it came in the Poppy pocket I would DIE. The gold hardware against the blue/purples in the print is stunning. I'm surprised I haven't seen a reveal on it yet - but it is PCE time - someone should get it.:biggrin:
  9. Yeah, I have been dying to see this bag...I have not bought it because my husband doesn't want me to spend that much on one thing, when I can have others...and I like buying multiple bags at PCE time. LOL! He made me give up the thought of the Embossed Audrey earlier today...because I can get two Mia bags for the price of the Audrey. Although I really love the Audrey...It is Madison... (torn :shucks:)
    I hope someone gets it and does a reveal soon!
  10. I have been considering getting this bag too... it is PCE :smile: But it is soo huge.
  11. I want it HARD CORE BAD, but the size and the fact that everyone says it's so heavy has turned me off :sad: Even my ink maggie is too big for me so I know I'd never carry this and who wants an $800 bag just to sit in the closet?
  12. You sound just like me in every way - no you do NOT want an $800 bag to sit in the closet, and it is so much bigger and heavier than your Maggie.

    But for someone who is OK with the size and weight, it is a stunner!
  13. i've seen them before and put the last one (supposedly, that is not on display) on hold for the PCE this week ^_^
    i am almost sure i'll walk out with it.
  14. I saw this today IRL and I have to say it was pretty cool! May have to use my PCE card for the first time in a long time for this one.


    what do you think?
  15. I also saw this bag IRL. The chain strap is awesome and the bag is drop dead gorgeous. But everyone is right in saying - the bag is HUGE.