Does anyone have the new multistripe and signature tote, how do you like it?

  1. I bought this and fell in love with the colors after Handbag Ashley posted her pics. They encouraged me in the busy store to buy it, for it was selling fast and I did like it a lot, But now after trying it on, The shorter patent leather strap, gold hardware and the gold hooks seem heavy to me when I put my stuff in it as usual. It is such a cute summer bag but I would like a summer colored light hobo. I still like the lavender one with the bugs on it and vachetta, but it does not go with everything at all. I may get a traditional brown signature stripe shoulder tote. Hate to do that, I just got it. It just somehow is not me...ACCCCK...Suggestions?
  2. I totally know how you feel!! What about the GOLD Sig Stripe Tote like deweydrop? It's really pretty AND will go with EVERYTHING.
  3. I like it but an not sure what size she got it in or if they are still available. I love gold and khacki... Thanks!!!
  4. I own the smaller signature stripe tote ($278) and love it! I get lots of compliments on it and I have not found one thing it doesn't go with. plus I can get a ton of stuff in it including my umbrella and 6x8 planner. And it sits on my shoulder. Definitely loving it!
  5. I bought the smaller one (10124) - this one:

    From what i was told, none were avail in I had to get it off eBay.

    Don't take this the wrong way...but you really have Coach ADD don't you? hehehe...every other thread is like "I'm returning this..." heheheh
  6. You do a lot of returning Rainbow06 =)

    On topic, I don't have the bag so I can't comment, but if you are having second thoughts and you havent used it return it for something that you have absolutely have no second thoughts about.
  7. I'm going to watch this thread -- I've been thinking about getting this bag, too! I really like it -- and didn't when it first came out. :p

    (Rainbow, I can't tell you how many times I've bought something after seriously thinking about it for a long time only to dislike it or re-think it the very next day -- and I return it! haha! And I have to ship everything because all my stuff is bought to be shipped to me...

    I wish I wasn't that way -- I'm not with anything else! I rarely return clothing or accessories or jewelry. Only handbags...)

    Anyway, the multistripe bag is my newest obsession! I only want to buy one more and want the signature and can't decide on this one or a more traditional one...
  8. This is really not on topic (but sort of), but I purchased the multi stripe pouch and mini skinny. They are the only "non-black" bags in my collection. Although it is tiny, I love it! Carrying it right now with the multi color sig flower charm.
  9. ^^ That's why I want to get it, too! Almost all my bags are black or a very dark color. I have a brown leather bag and a few LV's -- but nothing with color...

    I want color! :yes:
  10. I have the multi-stripe demi and mini skinny-- aren't they fun? I love the pop of colour. Livens up everything, so fresh! Yay! :heart:

    As far as the sig totes go-- My crimson sig stripe tote is on the FedEx truck being delivered to the Coach store here as we speak!!!!! I'm going to pick it up at noon!!!! *SQUEE!* HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! CRIMSON!!!! :yahoo:
  11. Actually, I thinkabout returning things that do not feel light to me and that is a physical hurt, nothing about not loving them. have returned a few, cannot rememember exactly now but a large ergo hobo and a whiskey leather Ali and I still have the Ali signature flap...and the multi tote with the patent strap in my possession. I bring the bags in and sit down and think about it for a bit and try my things in the others. I find it is best to make a slow decision for me. Just to see if there is anything more comfortable, for it is a weight thing with me Yes, guilty of obsessing and not making firm decisions...True. you are quite right. Thank you for your usual. I can always learn something from everyone here.
  12. They are really fun. Happy Birthday . I have the larger white patent leather strap with the multi and the wristlet . I really like it, but I have to watch hardware for weight..long story car accident...but otherwise I do not return anything for lack of loving it, Enjoy!!
  13. It is really pretty, the colors are very, clever. I wondered if the two straps are just lighter..I like the patent..but have to watch the hardware. I tend to get black or brown signature or chocolate..Just got the mia satchel in siggie chocolate . It is really pretty. Love it..
  14. Now see if I got pouches..I would not feel heavy and I could wear it at night too. Enjoy it , it sounds pretty and I love the flower charms...!!!
  15. I am not glad that this happens to you for it does happen to me too. I see a bag on another girl and it looks gorgeous or I hear on the blog that everyone has or wants this or that one and I think one and I get interested at the pics and the beautiful new bags. We all like to have new and pretty things. I find that I have to figure out my budget and also what feels good to me physically and mentally and what exactly my taste is own taste. It is very personal. I do not return clothes or jewelry or shoes either. I guess a bag tells something so personal about "you" and your style. But you do not have to be one style, you can be conservative, preppy, hippie or business with a few 4 or 5 looks or bags. I think personally, I am tempted to own too many and wear my favorites. I think that is simply true for me anyway...Enjoy whatever you buy...