Does anyone have the new Epi Alma with silver hardware?

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  1. Does it have the links on opposite sides of the handles for attaching a shoulder strap onto it?

    I'm so torn between the Epi Speedy and Epi Alma (sure about the color which will be black!) I love the size of these bags, but would like the option of wearing a shoulder strap.

    Help! :sad:
  2. I have the red epi alma with the silver hardware, and yes, it has the hardware which allow for the attachment of the strap. I have 3 epi almas and I love them! I had an epi speedy once (a 30), but I sold it. The style just wasn't me -- it was too bulky and suitcase-looking, and I hated how it sagged and wrinkled. I adore the classic structure of the alma! It would be SO elegant in black! That's my two cents -- good luck with your decision!