Does Anyone Have the new Chain Modern Chain Lucent Bag?

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  1. I have a $2300 credit at Chanel and was thinking of getting the large E/W version of this bag in black (its $2595). I've heard that the handles slide off your shoulder easily because they are resin - and was wondering if anyone had some first hand experiences to report.

    BTW - I got the credit when I took in my cloudy bundle bowler bag for repair. the CC charm fell off the zipper. Imagine my shock when Chanel called me to tell me that they could not repair my bag and therefore were going to give me store credit for the full cost of the bag! :tup: I was not a big fan of the bag anyway! and I ruined the leather in the corner of the bag!! Chanel did me a huge favor! Note - the charm did fall off within one year of purchase so the bag was still under "warranty".
  2. Hi Cougass! I don't have any info on the MC Lucent but as a Cloudy Bundle owner that's a shame about your bag... but not that you were issued a full credit! You must have had the bowler, since the tote doesn't have a zipper.
  3. i don't have this bag, but my friend and i were looking at it at a trunk show and while she was holding it, two of the resin links disconnected. hopefully this bag was just a lemon, but neither of us were impressed :tdown:
  4. In person it wasn't that impressive. It looked cuter in the pics.
  5. I just purchased it and I love it! Yes, the resin chains can fall off if you don't cross them at the shoulder but I have to do that with a lot of my Chanel bags esp the GST. The leather is so soft and I love how it is so lightweight. I had purchased the Fall 07 Mod Chain which I loved but it was just too heavy for me. It is definitely a bag you have to see in person. Good luck with your decision.
    BTW, I purchased mine (E/W) for $2250 at NM. Are there two sizes?
  6. ^ Thank you! The bag arrived in the mail today. I love the fact that it is lighter than the other modern chain bags and I also discovered the trick with crossing the straps over each other to keep them from sliding off your shoulder. I will have to do some additional testing this weekend - put my stuff in the bag and test it around the house. Have you actually used the bag yet?

    Roey - yes it was the bowler and I am still shocked that I got a complete store credit. How hard can it be to reattach the CC charm??? Not that I am complaining!
  7. Enjoy your new bag. Any pics?

  8. I will try to take some Saturday in the daylight and post.
  9. Hi Cougess, you are just like me! I usually give my bags a test run around the house first before I commit. I have not put all my stuff in it yet but plan do so this weekend. I will keep you posted!
  10. UPDATE: No pics because I returned the bag. :tdown:The resin chains are impossible - the bag literally slides (very fast if wearing a long sleeve shirt) down your arm - its worse than one of the straps falling off. :confused1: For $2600 this doesn't work for me. I ordered a melrose cabas instead!
  11. Thanks for the update... I was contemplating on purchasing that bag in the next couple of months, now I probably won't. Hope the Melrose Cabas works out for you! :tup:
  12. Wow thanks for letting us know about the chain. I saw this bag in the store and flipped over it. I really want it but I did notice even just trying it on quickly how easily the chain kept falling down. So now maybe I wont get it. It's suuuuuper cute though! What a shame!
  13. Really, it's that bad? I tried it on at the store today over a jacket and the straps seemed to be ok, they didn't slide off. I'm getting ready to get it as well.

    Bellabags, any updates? Hee, I really like the bag and am hoping for some good news from you!
  14. Appreciate the update and info on the bag.
    Thank you.
  15. I am going to put all my stuff in it today and see if that makes the bag heavier so the chains don't slip. I was bummed to hear of Cougess report too. Maybe it depends on what type of material your shirt is made of? I think satin would make the chains fall right off. I am on the fence because for $2250 you should be able to wear it with whatever. I will post my decision later tonight.