Does anyone have the Mono Mini Sac HL?

  1. If so: how much can you really store in it?

    Also, if you could post pics of what you can fit inside or of yourself holding it so I could see the proportions, that would be SO helpful and greatly appreciated! ;)
  2. I don't fit anything in it, but DD1 does:

  3. I don't have mind anymore. It can store a lot for a mini speedy. I use to carry a porte monnaie change purse or Ludow, 4.5'' x 3'' x .75'' cellphone, lip pencil, gloss, small tin of candy, full size ball point pen, 8 keys on a keyring, and forgot the rest. Just don't under estimate this mini speedy.
  4. Thanks! That helps a lot! I was worried it might be too small...but that's what I carry on average so it sounds good...:tup:
  5. awww she's so adorable! :love: I'm falling more and more in love with that bag everytime I see it, or see someone with it..
  6. I posted some pictures somewere... Let me find the link:yes:
  7. Its so cute.
  8. WOW that was SO helpful! You can fit your video iPod in there too? That's great...I was apprehensive at first..

    First thing on my birthday, I'm asking my parents to either drive me out to Tysons to buy it or I'm getting it on eLux! :roflmfao:
  9. i have different pics..
    mc is the same size as monogram.
    i know its hard to believe, but it really honestly holds that much.
    it just has to go in a certain order, and there is only a teensy bulge.
  10. Yep! And theres even abit more room to fit in a lipgloss & Mascara! it's amazing:nuts:
  11. Wow, I am surprised it would hold so much! I figured you'd be able to get a small wallet, keys, and maybe a cell phone at most in there.
  12. :nuts: The bottle of water too??!?! And all of that!! Oh wow! I definitely underestimated the sac's size!
  13. I have another question...

    What's the difference between a Mini Speedy and a Mini Sac HL? They look exactly the same, and apparently they're the same size...? But I can't find the Mini Speedy on eLux...
  14. Nope, not me. I would get it for my lil' daughter if I had one.:p