Does anyone have the modern chain yet?

  1. Just got a call from Chanel and mine is waiting for me at the store. I am going to go visit it tomorrow and make a decision...Would love to know what others think once they have seen this bag irl.
  2. which one is that.. do u have a picture?
  3. [​IMG]

    This is the one!! Hopefully someone has seen irl and can give input. Even better, maybe someone has???post pix:yes:
  4. I am so so so anxious to see this bag!!!
  5. Oh me too!! I think japs was suppose to pick hers up yesterday. I want to see! I am almost afraid to go in to see the bag they are holding for me since i just returned the cabas :sad:
  6. That looks lovely!
  7. What color are you getting Stacy? I'm waiting for the white modern chain totes to come in.
  8. I tried on the grey and decided against...I have had a cold for the past 4-5 days and I think it has made me cranky...
  9. The white one is waiting for me! I'll let you know what I think!! I might take a look at the black as well since the poor cabas went back!
  10. Look forward to your report!
  11. what'd you think of it? Honestly
  12. I am on the list too for Modern Chain Black and I am dying for more info or pics from my fellow PF friends. My SA at Chanel said they should be arriving any day now.
  13. socal, do tell!:yes:
  14. Yes SoCal, do tell us what you thought...I have one reserved but they called to tell me the Ritz was on its way so I know I will have to decide between the two. :s

    My DH will kill me otherwise. :yes:
  15. What's the price on this MOdern Chain.? Does it only come in one size? It looks like a vamped version of the Cabas?
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