Does anyone have the Mini Lin Noe yet?

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  1. I've seen it out the LV stores (Beverly Ctr & Century City) and I think it's really nice! (Mmmh!!)

    Price is $990 USD. If you have it, please post pics soon!! I haven't seen the Mini Lin Noe yet on the LV or e-lux websites yet.....
  2. no i have not seen it, if anyone has pics, please post
  3. I'm waiting for someone who has this, too! :drool: I've only seen the mini lin dune speedy...
  4. OOPs!!!
  5. I'm checking the LV website everyday to see if they finally put pics of the Mini Lin Noe on. Is it big? This might be a dumb question: Is it possible to wear across the body? Probably not....
  6. Noe measures 13'' L x 10'' W and no you can't wear it across the body.
  7. I didn't know there was a mini lin noe! Man I'm behind! I thought it was bucket and speedy only!
  8. I can't wait to see some pictures. It sounds nice.
  9. When I saw the Mini Lin Noe at the store, even though it's a large bag, it seemed smaller than the Mono Noe. Probably because Mini Lin is made of cloth, it seemed smaller (not as tall) as the Mono Noe. Does that make sense? Anyways, the Mini Lin Noe was really cute!!!
  10. Oh I want mine! They haven't care me yet!:sad:
  11. i didn't know either...want to see the pic if anyone has it
  12. I saw this today after I had made my purchases. It is so cute, I can't stop thinking about it. Perfect for a nice casual bag. I was vascillating between the mono and epi noe and I think I like this better. No flames please:p but I never really cared for the mini lin in pics, but now I'm :nuts: . I like the color of the leather straps and trim.
  13. Can someone buy this, please? :sad: I want to see pics...I'll live vicariously through you, and you'll bask in my envy. :lol:
  14. Check eLuxury for a pic of the Noe in Ebene and Dune.
  15. It looks gorgeous, both ebene and dune..