Does anyone have the messenger?

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  1. The one that's just like the Day but with a longer strap, also sold in mens departments? I'm just curious how you like it. I have a Day, but I LOVE the hands-free aspect of messengers, and I'm thinking I might like one of those, too.
  2. cuteusername, I tried the messenger on and I absolutely HATED it. It looked ridiculous on me. My SA put it on after I tested it, and it looked FABULOUS on him. I think that this is definitely a style meant for a guy. The bag is longer than it is wide, and it kind of just drooped down my butt and my leg. Not attractive at all! The strap was somewhat adjustable, but even with the shortest setting of the strap, the bag was still way too long.

    I like bags that I can sling across my body because I like to have my hands free while not worrying about whether one of the handles of my bag might slide off my shoulder. I live in NYC and I do a lot of walking and a lot of carrying of bags (shopping, groceries, etc). I was really hoping that I would love the messenger. Unfortunately I didn't. I wish the strap on the city was a little longer so I could sling it across my body without it looking awkward. I can get it across my body, but it sits too high up on my chest or my side for my liking.

    I read on another forum that Balenciaga is supposed to be introducting a new style: the courier. One was posted on eBay recently. The auction number is: 5477338856. I am not vouching for the authenticity of the bag. Supposedly this style is set to come in two sizes. The one from the eBay auction being the larger of the two sizes. I haven't spoken with anyone from Balenciaga about this new style, so I'm not sure that this information is accurate. I'm hoping that it is, because I can totally see myself digging the smaller size of the courier bag if this is indeed true.
  3. thanks! If you don't mind me asking, how tall are you? The courier on ebay is authentic, but it's humongous!!! I would think a smaller courier would be exactly the same as the messenger, so why would they even do a style like that? Hmmm. I have a messenger on the way now, so I guess we'll see. Aren't the measurements of the bag part the same as the day/hobo?
  4. You're welcome, cuteusername. I'm 5'7". Based on what I've read, the courier is supposed to come in two sizes, the bag on eBay being the larger of the two sizes. Again, I did not get this information from Balenciaga so I don't know how accurate it is.

    Based on the pictures of the bag on eBay, I would say that the courier is going to have a completely different look than the messenger. I also think that the courier might be deeper and capable of holding more stuff than the messenger.

    The main reason that I hated the messenger so much was because it is longer than it is wide. If I wanted to put files in the messenger, I would have to put them in vertically, not horizontally. I would much rather have a bag span the width of my body than I would have it span the backside length of my thigh.

    The strap on the courier looks like it might be shorter than the strap on the messenger. The messenger's strap can be adjusted, but even at its tightest length, it is still extremely long. Take a look at the picture of the messenger of the ateliernaff blog. It is similar to the day, but just as a personal preference, I would rather wear a bag similar to the city style as a messenger than I would a bag in the day style. I'm going to wager a guess that the courier might be closer to the city style.

    You may happen to love the messenger; different strokes for different folks. I hope it ends up being exactly what you are looking for. Please give a report once it arrives; I'd love to hear your take on it.
  5. Saw the large (at least I hope it was the large - it was roughly the size of a house :weird:smile: this lunchtime. I think its definitely different to the messenger - its certainly wider. But like I said, huuuuuuuuuggge.