Does anyone have the measurements of the LE vernis pochettes cles?

  1. Just wondering how much bigger/roomier it is to the regular vernis cles. I bought the regular one today and the SA didn't even know there was the LE one coming.... so no point asking there... Or can someone please please post the photos to compare the two? Thanks heaps!!

  2. [​IMG]

    Maybe this will help.
  3. The new one is 5" X 3.5", with a gusset at one end and a pocket in the back.
  4. Wow, Cyndee......that really helps! There is a huge difference. Hey guys.... hold off on getting the little one. The new LE one is fantastic!
  5. the new one is MUCH bigger... i got mine and love it..:yahoo:
  6. Thanks for the info and pictures, Cyndee! Do you think the bigger cles would fit comfortably in a pochette?
  7. Just did a phone order for the Violet color. Looking forward to getting it.
  8. It will easily fit inside a pochette.....and you'll have LOTS of room for your other things too!
  9. Definitely fits into a pochette. This LE cles is just genius. It really works as a mini wallet for essentials - a few cards, a couple of bills folded in half, some change.
  10. You all are making this new cles sound so good - it sounds like less of a bag charm and more of a useful item than the original cles.
  11. I want one in amarante!!! Love this color!