Does anyone have the Mastic Paddy?

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  1. Hi all,

    Just picked up my mastic paddy from the p.o. and it is not at all the color I expected. It looks a lot like cream to me. I'll post pics of mine, but was hoping that someone could share their pics with me.
  2. here it is

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  3. My bag looks more like sand! I'm tripping out about this color! I was thinking more of a white with grey undertones, with a sheen.

    This is so not what I was expecting and I don't know what to seller is waiting for feedback!
    Will this color grow on me? I know on Aloha Rag they were calling Mastic and Sand the same thing, but they are not! This bag was originally purchased at NM.
  4. yeah from the picture, it does look like sand(creme), well IMO, if u dont like it, u should just sell it instead of hoping that the color will grow on u. u must love it since u paid gd money for it:yes:
  5. After taking pics of the bag with my other bags, I've decided that whatever stinking color it is, I'll keep it because it really completes my's in the lighter shade family anyway!

  6. i think it's sand.. i thought mastic was different? maybe they mixed up the tags??

    But anyways, congrats! as long as you love it, then that's all that matters!
  7. Yes, I agreed. It definitely looks like Sand.
  8. Hey, B! I bought a Paddy from you! I just got your FB. Small world. You may see I'm nuts about the bag!!

    I was wondering if you sold the same one you bought (I checked out your My World because I knew you were selling OTHER Paddies and I was curious to see pics.) I saw you bought a Mastic, then sold a Mastic. Same one?

    I hope I see you around more. You'll see a familiar face (if a face has a padlock!) around the forum in photos, too. ;)

    Thanks so much for her! And PM me if you ever want to sell a Mousse. :heart::heart::love: LOL.
  9. It's beautiful whatever it is!! I say keep it! :yes:
  10. This is definitely not the mastic bag it was much more white like a putty colour really this looks more like the sand or the creme
  11. I don't care what colour it is,:drool: :drool: I think it's stunning and def a keeper!!!
  12. Yes it's a lovely bag!
  13. Hmm the pictures are gone, but I might like that colour now!!