does anyone have the Madison Shoulder Bag?

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  1. so far i've only seen one or two posts with pictures. {sorry if this has already been discussed} i was just wonderin' what selections there are. i always think its better to see on here then the actual coach site-somehow the pictures are always better.
    also i'm thinkin' about making that purchase, but it'd be the biggest one i've ever made at the steep $498 price tag :0 well, so if any of you ladies have this beaut' please post pictures of her {or you with her}

    would love someone to enable me to buy it {lol}
  2. {and also what you think about her your likes n dislikes about the Madison shoulder Bag}
  3. [​IMG]

    I LOVE HER :yahoo:If it came in more colors I'd be all over it. It was a PCE purchase, so I got it for $400 after tax. She'll be my daily use bag and I think the purple will be fine for year round use.
  4. do you have any dislikes about her? does she sit well on tha shoulder or seem heavy or frumpy thnx for postin' the pictures.
  5. None at all, well I sort of wish there was a D ring inside but only because I bought the poppy ID case that has a clasp at the end of the ball chain. She sits beautifully on the shoulder, no slipping at all, and the long strap is the perfect length. Of course, that will depend on your height/torso proportion but it works well for my height (almost 5'4") I'm very glad it doesnt have a dark lining or a beige one.
  6. [​IMG]
  7. The only thing I'm not crazy about is how the handles didn't fall into the downward position when I used the shoulder strap...they kind of stick up and outward. That kept me from buying it (the crimson patent). Maybe not all of them are that way and maybe the regular leather ones don't have that issue.
  8. Mfits--that bag looks georgous on ya'. i didnt even kno' it came in that color. thnx for postin' the pictures. do you think she is frumpy at all when you place her down{say} on the kitchen table or counter? that would be my only concern. im thinkin' either the brown or black one of this kind. anyone have any pros{or cons} on those colours?
  9. everyone seems to have it in the patent {except the poster who had it in purple} im just mainly concerned that with the black/purple/or brown one that since the leather is soft it would slouch alot when placed on the counter or kitchen table? any thoughts{suggestion please?}
  10. I got the same one as mfitzsimmons. I love the material and the look, but I am not too thrilled about the lack of structure. However, that was not a deal breaker for me. The bag is just too beautiful to give it up for that reason.
  11. I had the champagne embossed leather one (not patent, it felt almost like suede) and it's empty in this pic just sitting on the counter. It was pretty slouchy and puddled.

  12. i'm reading past tense. did you not keep her? she does look pretty slouched. if you tookher back is that why?

    melliemae maybe she'll be the bag for me. i have a family member who works for Coach and i can get 25% off but id need to decide asap because she leaves for maternity leave next week.
    so the question is. to buy or not to buy?
  13. Oooh Congrats! That is a lovely color! :heart:
  14. I actually exchanged it for the camel patent shoulder bag because the champagne leather was just super delicate. I love slouchy bags so it wouldn't have been a deal breaker for me, but I had been wanting something patent. I definitely wouldn't hesitate to get this bag in the regular leather though. I've seen it at the boutique, and it's so gorgeous. I especially LOVE the black one and its on my wishlist! :biggrin: