Does anyone have the LV mono mini Betsy?

  1. I was wondering if anyone of you members may have the mono mini Betsy bag and how do you like it. Also I would like to know how comfortable it is worn on the shoulder, pics of it being worn would help. Thoughts and opinions from everyone would be appreciated in helping me decide on this bag. Thanks in advance:smile:
  2. How cute! haha.

    Yeah I don't have The Besty, however she's a good bag. I've played with her a few times - I'm sad she hasn't sold very well...but its quite comfy on the shoulder. I've sported it a few times at work for fun and games....

    If I were to get The Betsy, I'd get in the Noir.
  3. wow dickies you've played with her quite a few times ;)

    Can someone post a pic of dear Betsy? plz
  4. HAHA yeah I'm always for the bags that people don't like to wear... so yeah I'll wear bags that haven't been held, cause I feel bad for them.... they're like kids...they need to be held... HAHA... (I know I'm weird, haha.) But yeah The Betsy...she's really a cute bag...and its a great concept... I'm sad we never sold one ever! I really want The Matelot PM from The Damier Geant line...haha thats probably why I like The Betsy...cause they're so similar really... ha.

    Yeah I'd be curious to see if anyone has The Betsy...she's really cute!