Does anyone have the LP Dylan Tote?

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  1. any thoughts on this ?
  2. Is this the one you mean? The Dylan double handle shoulder tote? I have the older version in black, which has two front pockets instead of the one shown in the pic. Otherwise the bag is identical.

    I LOVE my Dylan tote. It's my favorite carry-everywhere purse because it sits perfectly on my shoulder, doesn't fall off, and I can reach into it without having to take it off my shoulder. It effortlessly holds a ton of my stuff. The leather is wonderfully soft and smooshy; I sometimes catch myself just stroking it. The hardware is high quality, the zippers work smoothly. Rock star casual good looks. Oh, and the price was right! :wlae:
    Dylan tote.jpg
  3. im glad to hear so many good things about this bag - i'm thinking of getting one too! they are delightfully on sale on the lp website in the colors papaya and pumpkin. the only thing is the pictures don't seem to really show the true color. does anyone have this bag or seen it irl in either of these colors so that i can know what it really looks like? thanksssssssssss
  4. LP bags are my latest obsession!
    I don't think you can go wrong with any LP style, and this one is gorgeous!
  5. For some reason, I have an impossible time trying to navigate their website. It keeps giving a security warning. Does anyone else have this problem?
  6. I have the messenger in the Papaya color and I love it - warm and neutral. I had purchased a tote previously in the Pumpkin color. Loved the bag but hated the color and returned it. It was a screaming orange - was not subtle and to my liking. Of course, if you are looking for a screaming orange...
  7. haha, no i dont think screaming orange is my color either. i was also looking for something more subtle. thanks for the awesome advice!!
  8. I am lusting for this bag in the whisky quilted leather.
    ....Maybe for Christmas....hmmmmm....
  9. what is the website for these bags?
  10. ^cancel that!! LP= Linea is too early for me!
  11. Speaking of LP, I just ordered this one from Labelspree for $195. I can't wait to get it.[​IMG]
  12. Are the LP bags heavy? I keep sending bags back, because I can't lift the darn things!!
  13. I have the dylan double handle.. just recently bought last week. I'm not sure about the other ones, but this one is not heavy at all. I love the details in this bag, and the leather is very soft.
  14. I have that bag too and I absolutely love it! The leather is soooo soft.
  15. They're coming out with some awesome colours for Spring, too:yes: