Does anyone have the llova MM?

  1. I am loving the lllova MM in damier...does anyone have it?? Please post pics! Thanks!!:yes:
  2. My mom had one and then sold it. I still have her pictures in my file. Here it is:

    Edit: Ok, nevermind. My picture files are too big. Sorry.
  3. LOL thanks for the effort:smile: Did she like it?
  4. It was an impulse buy for her. She carried it a few times but decided that the bag wasn't structure enough for her. She complained that the bag always loses its shape. :angel: But I thought it was a beautiful bag. You should go to the store and try it on yourself.
  5. It's a lot bigger than I thought & I can see how it would lose it's shape. I posted pictures of the PM I bought, The MM is almost as big as an Alma & just a wide. Exact same shape as th PM, it is wider at thetop so it is easy to find thing in.
    pics of PM-
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