Does anyone have the LEIGH yet and...

  1. how do you like it? I am thinking about getting it in whiskey, but am not sure how comfy it is.

    I have a tourquise large ergo tote I LOVE. its very light and comfy even stuffed with all my mommy things. also I love how ali fits. CARLY I am sad to say does not fit right on my shoulder/falls off, I just cant support it I guess lol.

    sooo, what I am wondering is if it fits more like an ali or more like a carly? or neither!:p
  2. ahhh thanks! I do not know how to search yet
  3. had it in whiskey, chain was just too short for me. beautiful bag, if only the strap were a little longer, i would have kept it. and the front pockets are not functional, they are smaller than the pockets from the 06 legacy collection.

  4. after reading the other thread, I am thinking the strap may be to short for me also:sad: its such a pretty bag
  5. its a beauty, its just that short strap. it was hard for me to return, but i would have never been happy with that strap length.:tdown:
  6. God I love this bag. I want it in citron and in the signature khaki/black. It's just a really sophisticated shape.
  7. ^^^ ditto
    If anyone's purchased the bag yet, I would love to see pics.:yes: I'm really digging this bag myself.
  8. I ordered it in whiskey but it hasn't been delivered yet. Will post pics when it arrives!
  9. I have to admit that I did not like this bag at first but do now.
  10. Last year's 'must have' bag for me was the legacy satchel in khaki/ that around Christmas, but I'm thinking that the Leigh is my "must have" bag for 2007. I almost bought it with PCE but I had done enough damage that I figured I better not...what was I thinking?????????????????????:crybaby: