Does Anyone have the Leigh in Camel?

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  1. How does it hold up? Does it darken over time? Do scratches show? How about rain? I love the look in the store but I could see a few scratches on the bag and worry it won't look as nice after a short time :shrugs: Thanks!
  2. Hey Gatsby!

    I don't yet own the Leigh in camel, but this is the color that I want her in...I think she's coming out in clay as well, so if that's the case it might be a toss up for me. Will need to wait for Christmas time though!
  3. I LOOOVEEE that bag..i ordered the legacy satchel in camel (it should arrive soon) but i may return it for the leigh. You are right though the disply model had many scratches. BUT on the bright side it is meant to look distressed. hmmm.....
  4. Hey Ella! I saw the Leigh in camel IRL and just beautiful, very girlie, very pretty with the chain strap. Your dilemma is clay vs. camel, mine is raisin vs. camel which I heard was also coming out. I always like your choices though!

    Veronica, you ordered the Legacy Satchel in Camel from the Japan site? I've heard you can order it from the store, that's awesome!
  5. Hi Gatsby...what Japan site? I ordered it from a Coach Store in Jersey.
    I saw the Leigh in camel & asked if the satchel came in camel.
    Once they said yes ..i ordered.
    But now im curious of this japan site?
  6. Guys - how do you know if a bag is coming out in a certain color? I have the shoulder bag in Clay and i'm debating whether I want to use it be/c I want to see if they are coming out with other items in either Clay or a darker shade of gray. I really want a gray bag - I just worry that the Clay is too light and will show marks more easily. Also, wanted to see if they had new styles coming out. (e.g., I heard on this board that the Lily is coming out in a smaller size. Would it come in Clay??):confused1:
  7. Hi Veronica, the Japan site link is at the bottom right of the site. Sometimes they get colors the US site doesn't have but at the store they can tell you if they can order it. Since Camel isn't on the US site for the Legacy satchel I was just curious:smile:

    I don't have any insight into what colors will be out but sometimes we're lucky to have the input of the Coach SAs who might know of upcoming colors. The Leigh in Raisin is one I've seen mentioned. Because of the unique leather on the Lily, I would be surprised if it came out in a grey or clay, my guess would be that it stays with black and whiskey. It seems someone has mentioned a dark charcoal in the upcoming Bleeker bags though:smile:
  8. Gasby you've just created a monster!!! LOL thanks
  9. When I went in to order my Lily, as my SA was taking my info, she saw on her screen that Lily was showing in Clay, but that none were available to order. She also told me that the Leigh was coming out in Clay because she's holding out for that bag in that color.
  10. I saw that bag in IRL and if that shoulder strap was a little longer it would have been home with me. From a distance it almost looks like suede and the leather is just so soft.