Does anyone have the legacy top handle pouch??

  1. I just returned the one I ordered yesterday. It is bigger than most pouches, but too smaller to put on my shoulder, which I need. Also, the opening was VERY small, I didn't take the stuffing out, but it seemed as thought it would be hard to put things in and take things out.
  2. I was eyeing this one, too. Cobrien, how does it compare to the Carly top handle pouch? The dimensions on the web site show it smaller than the Carly pouch with a little shorter drop length.
  3. I have one and I love it! It's bigger than a regular pouch, but the opening is a little tight. I can fit it on my shoulder or hand carry it.

    Do a search and you'll find several threads with modelling photos.
  4. :nuts: I love it!!! I'm glad it's on the website now!
  5. I bought this a while back and posted modeling pics...I'll try and find them. It was just too small for me but I really liked it!
  6. here they are! It is a GREAT small bag. I agree with an above poster though, the opening of the bag is a bit small and I was always scraping my hand against the zipper reaching in and out of the bag. oh, I'm 5'10" for size reference..
    IMG_0357.jpg IMG_0358.jpg IMG_0361.jpg IMG_0364.jpg IMG_0371.jpg
  7. ^^ wow that looks bigger on then in the picture on the coach site. How much does this bag hold?
  8. So which of these is the biggest:

    the baby carly, legacy top handle pouch or the heritage striped demi?
  9. thanks so much!!! it's looks great on you...i'll take it! bigger than what it seems
  10. you're very welcome. :smile: Glad I could help enable you. LOL :yes: Its a GREAT bag and very roomy for a pouch. Unfortunately, I needed it to be slightly bigger. Post pics when you get yours!!!:tup:
  11. it looks slightly bigger than the old turnlock pouch but i like the old one better. it s really cute, but it can hardly fit a pack of 100's sized cigs and other essentials. :crybaby:
  12. I am using my Leather Legacy Pouch with the turnlock pouch on the front. I put my cellphone in it, multifunciton wallet, small clinique bag with lipgloss, and keys in the main compartment.....Love love it.
  13. when do you think this bag will go to outlets? I may wait for this bag to go to outlet
  14. Well, over the summer, I saw the 06 version of this bag that Coachnut has for about $55 dollars so I would imagine around june of this yesr maybe ? however if the o7 stuff is hitting the outlets soon then you may want to call and have them put you on a list for one and call you when they are in