Does Anyone Have the Legacy Swingpack?

  1. And if so, how's it working for you?

    I'd love to hear from some folks who have one and see pics if at all possible. I'm looking for a small bag I can wear running errands with my kids w/o wearing a full size crossbody bag.

    Would appreciate your input!:smile:
  2. I had the Camel leather one for a short time but decided to exchange it for a hippie. It was just a tad too small for me. I AM however buying one for my mom for her birthday. She wants the khaki/black sig. It will be her first Coach! She is so excited. I had to ruin the surprise and tell her because I wanted to make sure I got her the right bag. It's much cuter than the regular swingpacks IMO and it has that nice pocket AND zipper on the outside which is a plus and who can resist those Legacy stripes!!!:drool:
  3. I like the hippie for larger outings; I'm just thinking when I'm at the grocery store with three kids in tow...gotta travel light and hands free to keep cereal from flying and produce pyramids in tact.

    My stores don't have any in stock so I'd have to order it sight unseen, which I've done before, but was hoping to check it out first.

    Yes, the legacy stripes rock!
  4. I really want to get one, the functionality of the new style is perfect! You can pack a ton into it.
  5. I have it in Whiskey and LOVE it. It does hold more than a normal swingpack (I have a normal one too). I love that front pocket, perfect for a cell phone and it keeps the bag from bulging like a typical swingpack can do. It's super for vacations when you want to carry light. It will easily hold a camera, small wallet, cell phone and a few make up items. I also like to wear it around my waist like a belt. One of the SA's in the NYC store was wearing it like that and gave me the idea. SO cute.