Does anyone have the Legacy Stripe Top Handle Pouch 40245?

  1. As the title says, does anyone have it? Or can anyone verify if this bag comes with a creed inside and if does, does it have the serial# on it?

    Thanks in advance =)
  2. No, but I want one BAD! It's on my wish list!

    There aren't any on eBay and the ones on will not be available until 4/11.
    They DO come with a creed.
    See this completed auction on eBay.
    Item number: 130086209729[​IMG]
  3. Oh yes, that is the only one I think.
    I got outbid on every one I bid on.
    But, I won't pay over retail because I know it will be available next month!
  4. Younglabels sells authentic Coach. Just make sure that you read the condition notes. She is usually right on the money.
  5. I want this item too, I think I will order it from Coach in April.
  6. this is also one of my wishlist items. I loooove it!
  7. I have it! My POS ex-boyfriend bought it for me. There is no # on the creed.