Does anyone have the LEGACY STRIPE FRAMED SLIM ENVELOPE wallet?

  1. Does anyone have this wallet? What are your thoughts?

  2. I have it. I :heart: it. It looks fab with my black Legacy satchel. :tup:
  3. That's all I needed to hear! :p I am getting it today!! :yahoo:

  4. I have the small one. Your probably not going to like my answer, but I dont care for it. It didnt wear well. sorry.
  5. Hi, Can you please tell me a little more please...what didn't you like about it? I have the little cosmetics pouch and really like that but I keep going back and forth on the wallet. I'm not sure if it's the gold on it...
  6. It just dosent seem to hold up as well as the jaquard fabric and dosent clean very easily. And the gold shows wear quickly.
  7. Like ranskimmie said, it's hard to clean because the wallet is partly made from silk. :sad: Overall, it's a really lovely wallet.
  8. That is going to be my next purchase, I've been eyeing that wallet since they started carrying it, but I was afraid of exactly what you all have said, that it would hard to clean and keep clean, but that may not stop me because I've been drooling over that wallet for months.
  9. I love the wallet style but went with the smaller one to make more room in my bag. I got the whisky leather and I love the wallet. I've been afraid of that silk fabric since it came out. I wanted the big travel bag but never got it for fear of the fabric pulling. That is a gorgeous wallet though!!
  10. I have the Mandy bag in Whiskey and white and I love the silk lining and it hasn't been a problem. I want the wallet but I am afraid that it will get dirty over time and it will be hard to clean as you guys said before. That's the only reason I have not purchased... but it is gorgeous!
  11. That wallet is lovely to look at, but as others have said, it doesn't seem practical for everyday use and abuse.
  12. i have this wallet and have carried it in my choco carly for about 2 months and I LOVE IT!!!! i do not really baby my things, and this wallet gets thrown into my work bag 3 days a week and still looks awesome.
  13. They say that it is scotch-guarded- so that should help