Does anyone have the LEGACY SIGNATURE SHOULDER ZIP #10337

  1. I Love this purse, but was wondering how much it would hold? Does anyone have it and how do you like it? I like the khaki/Ebony one. Do you think it would ever be in the outlets?;)
  2. I have it in white, and my Mom has it in Whiskey. It holds quite a bit. I have the matching French Purse, checkbook, LV small agenda, cell phone, blotting papers, lipgloss, Bare Esentuals compact and pillbox, plus keys and the Legacy coin purse and I still have a bit of room in there.
  3. nope, i don't think it'll hit outlets.

    i think it's pretty cute, and perfect for anyone who takes transit because the front turnlock can hold stuff like that, or tickets, etc.