Does anyone have the Legacy Shoulder Flap in Citron?

  1. This is the replacement for the Ali. I am debating on getting this for the PCE event if I get a card. I wanted the Bleecker "Felicia", but since it's not included, I'm thinking about the Legacy. What's your opinion?
  2. I got the shoulder flap in chocolate sig but exchanged it for the Legacy hippie which looks the same but smaller. The leather version of the shoulder flap just wasn't doing it for me. IMO I think the leather version of this bag looks plain. The sig with leather trim gives it a little more oomph! It is a very comfortable bag to carry on the shoulder and VERY roomy.

  3. I have had my eye on the citron also. I was curious if anyone bought that yet? I think the color would look great with every color of winter coat. Us Minnesota gals think about coat/purse color combos in Sept!
  4. I've seen the citron in the leigh and it is gorgeous!!