Does anyone have the Legacy Shoulder Bag in Brown?

  1. I tried to order this bag from another store in natural and they told me all they had was a brown which was not the natural and not the whiskey, but was in between the color of the two...I took the chance and ordered it as it was the only store I could find it at and today was the last day I could use my 20% for opening a card.
    Also, the store was in CA and I'm in VA so I couldn't just stop in and see in.

    Long story short, I bought it.

    Does anyone have this or can anyone show me a pic/tell me what it looks like?
    TIA :smile:
  2. Here are pictures of a brown satchel and a whiskey Ali (I bought it for PCE and then returned it, which I'm kicking myself for!). I really do like the brown. It's a very pretty color in person! :yes:
    IMG_1611.jpg IMG_1606.jpg
  3. the picture u posted pyari is not brown, its whiskey. pompilit posted the real color
  4. The brown color is beautiful in my opinion and I ordered the Ali in it. You may like it. I have the natural color in the zip shoulder in case you want to see it.
  5. The lady from that auction said her tag read brown and the sku she gave me matches the one from macy's that I ordered.
    I hope, i hope it's the same.
  6. I have that zip too! Graberg you have beautiful taste.
    I love that color and that's why I was hoping to get the shoulder bag in the same.
  7. Thank you - you're very sweet! It's curious that the lady said the tag described it as brown. I saw the brown shoulder at Dillard's and it's the same brown as the satchel Pompilot has. I hope you like yours though - the extra 20% with the card makes a difference. You had a bunch of stuff on your list - what else did you get?
  8. I didn't get everything I wanted. This Macy's thing was so much of of a hassle.
    I bought a black large leather carly, which i'm thinking of returning. a
    medium sig black carly.
    a coach gold lozenge watch
    a silver movado watch
    and I unfortunately had to ordered out
    the white medium leather ergo
    the brass/khaki/gold carly
    and the brown legacy shoulder bag, so hopefully they will come next week.
    The bf bought his mom a hamptons med carryall in tan/sig for mother's day it's beautiful!

    what did you get graberg?
  9. Sounds like you did very well. I agree it was a huge hassle. Was very tempted by the black leather Carly but ended up getting only the brown Ali and it took a dedicated SA 2 hours to track one down. I never realized how difficult it would be to try and call other stores and actually talk to a real person - even for a Macy's SA!