Does anyone have the Legacy Leather Hippie?

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  1. I ordered one today in White (it basically looks just like the Ali, but a bit smaller). They had the Ali at my store in khaki/ebony, and I thought it looked great on my shoulder, but I tend to like a smaller purse in the summer, so I went with the Hippie instead. They didn't have a Hippie at the store, though, and now that I'm rereading the description, I see that it has a 37" strap (eek!). I tend to like bags with a shorter shoulder strap, as I usually don't tend to wear my bags across the body. If you own one, how short can you get the strap go to? I hope I didn't screw up...should I have just gotten the Ali?

    I also ordered the matching wristlet, and bought the Slim Envelope wallet (which was in stock at the store). I chose to have the bag and wristlet delivered to the store instead of my house because if my husband intercepts the package he will kill me!! I really didn't want to have to spend the extra $ on accessories, but my current wallet and wristlet are black Soho, which I might have been able to live with, but they have silver hardware, and I guess I'm just too OCD to have silver hardware with the gold hardware on my Legacy bag. (Am I pathetic or what??)

    But anyway, if anyone else has the Hippie bag, please let me know. Thanks!

    One more question...if I were to change my mind and go with the Ali, would my 25% discount still apply since I already used it today to order the Hippie, the wallet, and the wristlet?
  2. Yes, most SA's let you use your discount more than once during the PCE week.

    I do not own the Hippy but I love it! I think it is an excellent choice. I have not seen it in person but think it is a great bag.
  3. I have the hippie and wristlet in white!!! and I love it :yes: I tend to use itwhen i need my hands, like going to disneyland or when I know i'm going to do some serious shopping. They are really beautiful. I'm 5'6" and I adjust it the longest it can and it fall perfectly on my hip. I'm a little wide (size 10) so I'm guessing it will be longer on a skinner girl. And I use the wristlet with it at the same time. Just be careful wearing jeans with it cuz the color will transfer through. But if you catch it early enough a white eraser, it will remove it.
  4. Maybe i should go back and get the Ali instead..I'm only 5 feet tall, and I'm worried that this bag will come down to my knees! I already ordered the Hippie (which hasn't come in yet), but hopefully I will be able to change my mind without too much hassle...has anyone had experience with this?
  5. LOL Kallison!:roflmfao:
  6. If I'm not mistaken, they have a smaller version of the Ali, called a slim flap? or it might be the legacy flap. I know Rainbow 06 just got one, I'd find the thread but the search function is disabled right now for some reason.
  7. look fine. :yes: A Coach bag practically makes any outfit look good.
  8. Yes I have it, you are right it is 10327 and I believe it is called the legacy flap Ba Whiskey. I like it a lot you cannot tell the difference except the flap and the strap is thinner and the strap also a big shorter than the Ali. Hope that helps your decision. The hippie bag is very long and the strap pulls on my neck and chest is annoying to me..
  9. Oh, Kallison! You're just so darn cute!! :yes: I couldn't resist!!
  10. i bought new pj pants with purses/hats/shoes on them the other day at macy's...i should wear those next time!
  11. ^^ Oh, cute!!! Yeah, cuz you'll have to model that new Carly again once it gets here! :yahoo:

    Lynn, you learned how to do pics right? Can you post pics of your slim flap on your shoulder? I'm curious about how it looks. Thanks!
  12. I had the hippie, got the smaller Ali version and did not like the long hippie for me anyway. I am 5 foot 4 and it felt heavy on my neck..and yes they should give you back what you paid for and trade it in and give you also the %255 back..
  13. it looks like the strap has a dogleash closure and can be completely detatched. i bet you could unclip the strap and loop it through the brass circle and clip in on the other side (to shorten the strap by 1/2). does that make sense? i wonder what it would look like if you did that.