Does anyone have the Legacy Agenda?

  1. I've looked at this agenda for a long time. Ideally, I'd like it in all vachetta leather with the stripes on the inside, but love this one, too....

    Does anyone have it? If so, does it wear well with regular use? Does the gold chip off, etc....just curious about that...thanks!
  2. I just got mine with PCE. If you do a quick search, there was a thread from earlier in the week about the legacy agenda. They just brought the style back after about 6 months in hiatus, so maybe you'll be able to find a purchaser from Fall/Winter '06 who can tell you how it's holding up.

    I'm very excited about mine!
  3. See..I've been on the fence on this one b/c I really love it, but am used to using a ring agenda to keep information in different categories. It may not be the most practical thing for me, but I've been looking at it for a year now and still can't decide..

    It's soo pretty...

    also, anyone who has the legacy stripe french purse (40240), I'd be curious about that since it's the same gold finish. I ordered that for PCE...
  4. I just got both yesterday, but so far they're holding up pretty well!!:p

    I help at all......
  5. I got one in the fall and finally decided to sell it. They're a great investment - you can double your money.
  6. i got one right after my my outlet...they got it as a return and i was oh so ever happy to get it..its held up the greatest ever!!!
  7. I love it and want one but think I might not use it so I am holding I am on a ban :sad: